An eye-opening surprise for Rajev! #Day 67, Recap

 December 14th, 2012

  • Santosh seems to have raised a red flag by talking ill about Aashka and when Delnaaz talks to Aashka about it, they end up having a disagreement. Watch what happened here!

  • Santosh was seen discussing with Vishal about Aashka's changed behaviour and how Rohit (Aashka's boyfriend) must be handling her! Watch their conversation right here!  

  • Santosh kept fuming about the whole issue and really wanted to confront Aashka but Visha land imam asked him ot leave the matter and ignore her totally. Watch what advise they gave him!

  • Sana pleads to Bigg Boss to end Vishal's punishment and seemed to be in a very jolly mood with him. But Visha ltells her how he knew that her smile was all but fake before she went in for eviction. Watch what the two lovebirds spoke right here!

  • Captain nominations occured and with 5 votes Delnaaz became the new Captain of the House. Watch the complete nominations right here!

  • Bigg Boss introduces the Visitors roo mand the first Housemate to get a visitor was Imam as his sister came in to meet him. Watch their meeting right here!

  • Next visitor to come in was Rakesh Paul, Rajev's younger brother. He not only encouraged his brother to stay strong in the game but als owarned him about Delnaaz's game. He informed him about how she was talking about him behind his back and making him look like the bad guy outside. Watch their complete conversation right here!

  • After the brief meeting with his brother, Rajev was mentally shaken up by the things revealed and he goes and apologies to Urvashi and niketan for not believing the mearlier about Delnaaz. Watch how they all made up right here!

  • Bigg Boss calls Sana to confession room and with the hopes of meeting her mother Sana walks in the visitors room but is scared to see ghosts around! Yes, Bigg Boss played a prank on Sana and she literally walked in on this one! Watch this hilarious prank right here!

  • Vodafone Alag Log Alag Zaruratein gave the Housemates a chance to ask for one thing the want and Bigg Boss promsied to get it. While other Housemates asked for more food, washing machine and stuff, Niketan asked Bigg Boss to get Bakhtiyaar back and give the Housemates a chance to now speak to him. Way to go Nik! Watch what everyone's one wish was!

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