Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012

 January 7th, 2013

Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012 Siddhi-Abahy

This wedding was more like planning your own funeral. After a nine year long imprisonment, when Siddhi stepped out of the jail to start afresh, she did not have even faintest of idea that she would destroy her relationship as she grew closer to Abhy, who raised one of her sons. Just when she was about to get back with Kunal post several confrontations and revelations, Abhay Diwan tricked her into a love-less marriage. Although, their marriage was declared null in the court as Kunal hadn’t divorced her, Siddhi is still fighting for a place in her ex-husband’s life once again

"> Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012

This story has the oldest cupid ever! Anandi after getting divorced to Jagya, got the biggest shocker of her life when she learnt that Dadisa seeded the idea into Shiv’s head to marry Anandi. Barely out of the distress of her first divorce, Anandi outrightly rejected the proposal. But, look at her fate, before dying, her mother took a vow from her to remarry. Compelled by the promise given to her mother, Anandi finally accepted Collector Saheb as her friend and married him. Though she respects Shiv, love is yet to conquer her heart!

"> Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012

She was a widow, he was a good looking young guy and they fell in love! Well, not as simple as it sounds. There were denials, resistance and misunderstandings. While working together for the same publication, Mohan realized that he had fallen in love with a mother of two kids. Megha turned his proposal down and kept declining it till Mohan got shot. Thanks to Megha’s daughter Nanhi for playing the cupid that Megha acknowledged her love for Mohan. By now Mohan had already married another girl, Riddhima. But, as they say, ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, the miracle happened and they finally got rid of the obsessive Riddhima. Phew! Finally the two united and tied the knot.


"> Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012

This was a typical filmy love story. A poor girl (Madhubala) and a rich brat (RK) meet at the crossroads of life where there is only hatred. They detest each other so much that RK ends up marrying Madhu to satiate his vengeance. Madhu accepts the ‘Chaar pheron ki shaadi’ as her destiny, while RK does every bit to make her stay uncomfortable inside his house. It’s only after a fatal attack on RK, where Madhu takes intense care of her, both realize that they are falling in love. 

"> Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012
Tej- Tapasya

It was a rather ‘knotty affair’. Tej Singh Bundela was literally head-over heels for Mukta, a girl half his age and daughter of his own nephew. He convinced Mukta that he would allow Iccha, Mukta’s aunt, to stay with Veer, Iccha’s estranged husband. But, the hell broke when on the wedding day, Tapasya, Mukta’s mother sat with Tej in the mandap and both got married. Interestingly, everybody realized the truth after all the ceremonies were over! 

"> Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012
Ambi- Anuj

It was a compromise for Anuj, when his obstinate mother, Imarti Devi ordered him to marry a small town girl. Anuj, who was already in love with his neighbour, like an obedient son sacrificed his love and agreed to marry Ambi. Ambi, who hailed from a small town, yet was very smart, intelligent and headstrong, didn’t have the faintest of idea about how indifferent her husband going to be. And then, ‘Haule-haule ho jayega pyaar!” Well yes, slowly and very steadily, Anuj and Ambi fell in love, strengthening their strained relationship!

"> Ajab-Gajab Shaadis of 2012

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