July 3rd, 2013

  • Like every week this week also saw some breathtaking performances by the contestants, some mind blowing repartees by the hosts and some super fantabulous moments by the judges which made us go AHA!. So lets have a look at those aha moments 

  • THE PARTY GOT WILDER: The curtains went up on the seven wild card entrants which will fight to seal their position in this biggest dance reality show. Next week we will see them shaking their legs on the stage of Jhalak. 

  • KARAN TAKES THE CENTRE STAGE: Karan Johar gave a live performance on one of his favorite songs ‘Radha’. He was so overwhelmed by Sonali & Sumanth’s performance on this song that he had to go and shake a leg with them! 

  • SPOOKY LAUREN: Lauren with her partner Punit gave a 10 on 10 performance with their scary act. The act got Madhuri’s heart to beat faster and she admitted that even though she knew that it was Lauren she still got scared of her. Indeed a pulsating act. 

  • SIDDHARTH’S DREAM COME TRUE: Siddharth’s Dil went ‘AHA!’ when he performed on a romantic number with none other than Madhuri Dixit. It was siddharth’s dream to dance with the diva and well his dream came true. As he danced with her Kuch Kuch definitely Hua in his heart. 

  • WHEN MADHURI SIZZLED: Madhuri and Remo did sexy flamenco together. Well there was nothing AHA! about the performance but the AHA moment came when she pushed Remo on to a table and danced sensually around him. And when Karan commented saying Madhuri is kinky, it was a double AHA! Moment. 

  • FAMILY THAT DANCES TOGETHER: Step of the week was shown by the whole Jhalak family on the stage. Contestants together with the three judges danced together on ‘Balam pichkari’ and well it looked like a big happy family burning the dance floor. Did we miss any other AHA! Moment? If you think there is anything else please let us know in the comment box below. 

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