Aha! Moments in Jhalak: Week 13

 August 27th, 2013

  • Week 13 of Jhalak had new celeb dancers on stage, two fun themes and young filmy guests, which is the perfect recipe for some very Aha! Moments. Let’s take a look at the best moments of Jhalak’s Episode 25 and 26. 

  • In the ‘Teen Ka Tadka’ episode, Bharti added the Tadka to Manish and Kapil’s jodi. But when Bharti entered the stage as a surprise, Remo’s terrified expressions were hard to miss. Remo forgot for a moment that he was the fearsome judge, and literally ran around on the stage looking for a place to hide!

  • The portion after Lauren’s tribute to the judges was not so much an Aha! Moment as a Ahahaha! Moment. When Manish complimented KJo aka Rithvik’s choice of red shorts, Karan remarked that it was obvious as he was after his shorts since Day 1. This was enough to shut Manish up!

  • Remo too, was not spared from this ‘kachcha talk’ when he pointed out that Punit and Rithvik’s wrong choice of shorts, and was mercilessly teased about how he knew about Karan’s inner secrets! Bharti went one up as she jumped on Remo and kissed him thoroughly, before declaring that even she knew that Remo didn’t wear the shorts that Punit had shown. Aha!

  • Bharti joined Remo and Ram Charan on the dance floor for a performance, and soon she outshined both the handsome men with her killer moves. But the best move was when she did a full split, making Priyanka Chopra and Madhuri Dixit gasp in sheer shock.

  • Sana’s eviction may have come as a shock to everyone, and the judges too had a tough time letting go of Sana. But no one was as affected by Sana’s exit as Karan Johar, who remembered how she was the first child who made him feel paternal about her during the shoot of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. When he came up to her for a farewell hug, Sana and Karan both had tears in their eyes. Awww!

  • Remember when Sushant Singh Rajput had confessed to having Lauren’s wallpaper on his phone during the Jhalak Grand Premiere? He got a chance to slow dance with Lauren on the Jhalak stage after her performance, and their chemistry, especially when he dipped her romantically, was very visible.

  • Manish and Kapil got up to their usual antics and tried flirting with Parineeti, but she turned the tables on them and made them dance to impress her! And when Manish and Kapil gave dancing their best shot, she made them close their eyes and tied Manish a rakhi. Thankfully, Kapil ran away before Parineeti could make him her brother.

  • Drashti’s ‘Humko Aajkal Hai’ was pretty spot-on as far as performances go, but the icing on the cake was when Madhuri came on the stage, tucked her saree pallu in, and recreated her iconic song. The applause after the performance was deafening, and Madhuri had to repeat the performance on demand!

  • Sushant Singh Rajput confessed that he started learning to dance because of Madhuri, and now that he is a movie actor, he wanted Madhuri to dance on his new song with him. Sushant was at his charming best as he serenaded Madhuri, and when Parineeti joined them, it was picture perfect!

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