A word of advice!# Day 90, Recap

 January 5th, 2013

  • Salman Khan gave a thumbs up for the final week of the show as the housemates finished 90 days in the house!

    And the final lap begins!
  • Anushka Sharma and Imran Khan entered the Bigg Boss house and had super fun. How? Well, they arranged a ring for the 'kushti' as asked Imam and Rajev to fight it out and prove themselves as the winner of the show! 

    Matru, Bijlee and the Wrestlemania!
  • If you think they are displaying their affection for each other, then you are sadly mistaken! And if you are confused about who is beating whom, let us tell you that Imam did beat the s**t out of Rajev in the first round, before the two got disqualified! 

    Bahut yaarana lagta hai!
  • After experiencing the physical violence in the game, Imam withdrew his name from the game. Matry and Bijlee did try to convince him to go on, but he timed them out and Rajev was declared the winner of the game!

    Imam rests his case!
  • Both the stars then joined the housemates as they sat in front of the Salman TV, where Anushka confessed that she is afraid of Imam!

    Is Imam as scary?
  • Imam on Salman's demand showed everybody his version of the 'Matru Ki Bijlee ka Mandola' dance. Don't miss Salman and Imam's jugalbandi on this song!

    Oppa Gangnam...oops! Imam style!
  • Since, grand finale is just round the corner, Salman asked the housemates to prove themselves as the most deserving contestant. Not only this he also asked the housemates to give reasons to why the person sitting next to them doesn't deserve the title and amount. 

    Why do i deserve to win?
  • Next, the housemates were asked to give each other a word of advice. And guess what did Delnaaz tell Rajev? "Don't be a fool!"

    The gyaan series begins!
  • When that was not enough, Salman showed the housemates what the evicted contestants and the guests of the seasons had to say, advice and teach them!

    Gyaan series part two!
  • While the advice session was on, Sana got to know about what Vishal actually felt about her! Ofcourse, she was heart broken!

    Sana's hurt!
  • Was Niketan really surprised after Shayantani's comment about her? Well, find it out!

    Beware! Niketan might bite!
  • All the evicted contestants echoed as they were given a chance to express their views about Rajev! And the best part was even Rajev's expressions were in sync!

    Rajev is spineless!
  • Need a break from the gyaan? Well, here she comes! The craziest contestant of Bigg Boss, Sapna joined Salman to share her experience of the house with Bigg Boss.

    Rajev should be slapped!
  • ... for putting a full of apgalpan stop to this gayaan bhara episode!

    Thank you Sapna...

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