A crazy day, a shocking night!#Day 94, Recap

 January 10th, 2013

  • It was a noisy start to the day as a brass band marched straight into the Bigg Boss bedroom and started playing the wake-up song. And what song did they choose? 'Emotional Atyachaar' which was a pretty good sign of the times to come.

    Waking up with a Bang!
  • The housemates then assembled in the garden area, where the voting graph threw up some interesting results. Urvashi was leading the voting graph, while Sana was at the bottom. The housemates had a good laugh over it, though we can't help but think that they were a tad worried.

    Who's leading?
  • Imam, the Baadshah of the day, looking umm...very interesting, claimed his throne in the garden area. The other housemates were really reluctant to carry out his orders and ignored him for a long time. But his deputy Delnaaz did a pretty good job of explaining Imam's bizarre demands!

    Hail Imam!
  • As with the other Baadshahs, one of Imam's videos was played in front of all housemates. The housemates' choice was Imam's crazy antics in the padosi house, and Sana was positively cringing when it was played. Surprisingly, even Imam broke down on being shown his wild side!

    Haivaniyat relived
  • When the housemates failed to entertain him, Imam took matters into his own hands and poured boiling water all over the kitchen platform and floor in a bid to instigate the others. Water to light a fire? Smart move, Imam.

    Pani Pani Re
  • Imam then took the Tab and read out a surprising order-All the housemates were to follow Baadshah Imam's orders and those who failed to do so would be punished by Imam. Just as the housemates were discussing this instruction, Imam happily told the cameras that this was a prank!

    New order
  • But Niketan sensed something amiss and checked the Tab again. Just as he revealed that Imam had tried to fool them, Imam piped up with a 'Gotcha!' and kept gloating about how he had pranked them! 

    Prank fail!
  • Imam then read out another message (this time for real) that the housemates would be given specific songs on which they had to dance whenever the song played. Imam was very happy about this chance at entertainment!

    Nachke dikha
  • Rajev was the first to dance on his song 'Akela Hai Mr. Khiladi', and Imam taunted him by pointing to Sana during the song. Rajev responded by mimicking Imam's meltdown shown earlier, as the housemates burst into laughter. 

    The performance
  • Rajev's mimicry cost him as Sana got angry with him for stooping to Imam's level. Rajev tried defending himself but had to bow down before Sana's warning of not speaking to him ever again. He finally promised that he wouldn't anger her again. 

    Angry Sana
  • Niketan had to dance on 'Pag Ghungroo'. He took his time to start dancing after the song played, and spent most of his time teasing Imam to the tunes of the song. It was probably this act that lead to Imam naming Niketan as the 'Worst Performer of the task' and giving out his punishment.

    Niketan's performance
  • At 1 am, the lights suddenly came on, and the housemates were asked to gather in the garden area. While the rest of the housemates sat on chairs, Delnaaz and Rajev were under the spotlight, where Bigg Boss asked Delnaaz if she would sacrifice her chances to save Rajev.

    The shock!
  • After Delnaaz refused to leave for Rajev, Bigg Boss asked Rajev the same question. Without missing a beat, he agreed to leave if that meant Delnaaz stayed on. Bigg Boss praised him, but also announced that it wasn't just a quiz, but the eviction process.

    Rajev's choice
  • In a shocking move, Bigg Boss announced that Delnaaz was evicted and she had to leave immediately. Sana and Rajev broke down, and Delnaaz was given just a minute to say her good-byes and leave. 

    Watch Delnaaz's interview here.

    The decision
  • As Delnaaz moved towards the main gate, the housemates were still in shock over her exit. She kept asking everyone to play a good game and cheer everyone up. Imam, too, tried to give her a happy good-bye by dancing with her, even dipping her as others watched.

    Final good-bye
  • Rajev was still in shock as her kept staring at the main gate in tears. Sana, on the other hand, went to the washroom to shed tears, where the only other lady in the house, Urvashi tried to cheer her up with a hug. Is this the beginning of a new friendship?

    Cheer up Sana

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