50 Days of solitude for the housemates#Day 50, Recap

 November 28th, 2012

  • House unreast! Yes, seemed like the mantra of Day and Night for the Demons as Niketan dragged Rajev's bed just when he was about to bonk off! Not only this, but Sapna jumped around Vishal's bed and irritated him till he dragged her closer! ;)

  • "Sare niyam tod do!" Bigg Boss made the day for Demons as they were encouraged to break rules through the morning alarm!

  • Imam tells Aashka to remove her personal clothes from the bathroom. Fair enough, but they way he said it was very annoying. He indirectly pointed it out and made it very evident what Ahem! was hanging in the bathroom.

  • Sapan tells Vishal to not overeract but take the task in its true spirit. 

  • We'll tell you. After going on and on about Aashka's wet clothes inside the bathroom, Imam irritated almost everyone in the house and that is when Vrajesh lost it. He went up to him Imam and requested him that even he should have cleaned the bathroom the other day, but Imama could not take the crirticism and started challneging Vrajesh

  • In the middle of this dirty fight, Bigg Boss announces Jyoti's exit from the house. The little girl who brought smiles on all the faces left the housemates in tears!

  • While Sapna was at her best as a Demon, Vishal behaved like quite a spoil-sport as after being bullied by the maverick stylist, he refused to play it further and said, "To hell with the Luxury Budget. I don't need any!" 

  • Meanwhile, as the Padosi Gharwale were having fun watching the Shaitan V/S Farishte on the TV, Imam took back his Devilish Avatar (remember he scared the life out of Aashka when he did it the last time?). When this wasn't enough for the unperturbed housemates, he switched the Tv off leaving the housemates irritated once again.

  • After Vishal's refusal to do the task, Bigg Boss called the housemates and appreciated their efforts. He mentioned that the performance by the Demons was way beyond appreciation and there was a point when he was about to give them a bonus on the luxury budget... But, due to Vishal's denial, the housemates lost it once again!

  • To hear that even after so much effort the housemates won't get any luxury budget, Delnaaz cried bitterly. She complained that Bigg Boss should have considered their efforts atleast a bit...

  • Vishal stuck to his statement that Sapna crossed her line and he doesn't bother about any budget. Sapna tried to explain that during the task she was in her character and not his friend. But looks like Vishal was not in a mood to hear any of her suggestions. Later Urvashi walked in to give her 'vishesh tippani' and backed Vishal by saying that Sapna was physical and he was right! 

  • Yes, that is what his intention was when he put that scary scarf around his face and tried irritating Aashka who was smiling and chtting with Vrajesh. He even sang, 'Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho.'  Nirahua too showed his Satanic side by mocking Imam and left him irritated!

  • Yet another argument ahppened between Imam on one side and Santosh, Vrajesh and Dinesh on the other. Imam tried to eneter the house with a knife and wanted to lock the house from inside when the rest of the housemates protested and he started saying stupid things. he then challenged the housemates to not to irritate him further or else we would kill them! What???

  • Nirahuia was called inside the confession room and urged to maintain his calm. He was also asked to pass the same onto rest of the housemates except Imam.

  • After Dinesh, Imam went inside the confession room, without being called to vent out his frustration by being teased by the rest of the housemates. He warned Bigg Boss to be ready for the serious consequences if he didnt stop them from teasing him.

  • On her Birthday, just before going off to sleep, Aashka promised herself that she wouldn't be affected by any of Imam's antics.

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