5 ways to survive the power outage

 July 31st, 2012


    1.Listen to Dadisa's stories

    When there is a power outage, the elders in the family are put in the spotlight. So we think the best thing to do when the lights go out will be to gather around Dadisa from Balika Vadhu, and listen to her interesting stories. And with her wealth of experience, and her interesting take on things, we're sure that time will just fly when we're with Dadisa.


  • 2. Track all the twists and turns in Chhal

    In the dark and still atmosphere at night (there's no power, remember?), what better to do than think about betrayal and power games? Since the time it started, Chhal has had myriad twists and turns that have left us thrilled. Is it Neha or Aditi? Is Kabir a good guy or an evil one? What will be Ija's next move? You can sit back and think about all these loopy questions till the lights come back on.

  • 3. Practise dialogues from Kairee

    That is a great idea, right? Humbhe! With gems like 'Aa gaya baasi kadhi main ubaal', 'Tu to toph ke gole ki tarah phat padi!' and 'Daant phaadne ki kauno zarurat naahi' being showered on her family everyday by Imarti Devi, she makes for a great muse. So go ahead and try saying 'Humbhe' like her till the power gets back and stock your sarcasm arsenal. And if you need variety, there is always 'Aap to mera nature jaante hi ho' by Sajni!

  • 4. Daydream about the Colors stars

    Now this could take a while. If you are a girl who needs to while away some time before the TV comes back on, you could daydream about the hotties on Colors channel. Where do we start? There is Shiv in Balika Vadhu, Mohan from Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha, Aman and Yuvi from Uttaran, Kabir from Chhal, Siddhant in Sasural Simar Ka, not to mention Superstar RK aka Vivian DSena. The list goes on. And the boys have their pick of Madhubala, Mukta, Gauri and Megha to think of till they can plug their electronic gadgets back in. Though we're not sure you'll want to.

  • 5. Plan a love story like your favourite Colors couple

    Have you wished for a picture-perfect love story? Then you could take a leaf out of our Colors shows and wish for better halves like our leading stars. Take your pick. Want a mature understanding love life? Kunal and Siddhi from Parichay should be your choice. Playful and unique is more your thing? Think Mohan and Megha. And if you need a tumultuous love story, go for Madhubala and RK. Keep these love stories in mind and shape your love life when the light comes back on. We're sure the darkness and lack of distraction will add to the romantic mood.


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