5 reasons why Mohan and Megha's marriage will work #NBTNMKK

 June 29th, 2012

  • Megha and Mohan's relationship has gone through its share of ups and downs, and finally it has reached a point where both of them have to take the decision that will change their lives forever. As the two characters grapple with this now-or-never situation, we bring to you 5 reasons why we think our favourite jodi will survive way past the finishing line.

  • 1. Mohan and Megha love each otherThe strongest point in their favour is that the couple in question loves each other. They may have their differences, but Mohan and Megha are sure of the fact that what they have is more than friendship or affection. Mohan has been upfront that he loves Megha for a very long time and Megha too, has realized this recently. As they say, love conquers all and it is true in Megha and Mohan's case too, if they get married to each other.

  • 2. Mohan and Nanhi share a special bond Even before Megha warmed up to Mohan, Nanhi and Mohan shared a unique relationship that was part friend, part confidante and part father-daughter. This bond has endured the test of time and they are the best of friends even now. Also, Nanhi doesn't hide the fact that she would rather have Mohan as her new father than anybody else. Nanhi being his support system will go a long way in making Mohan and Megha's married life smoother. Not to mention, much more fun.

  • 3. Mohan has been accepted by Megha's family To say that Mohan got off on the wrong foot with the Vyas family would be an understatement. Most of Megha's in-laws didn't think highly of him in the beginning. But Mohan the crime reporter proved Amar Vyas innocent and won brownie points with Megha and her family. Now that Mohan has a good image in front of Megha's family, it shouldn't be difficult for him to slip into the role of Megha's new husband.

  • 4. He and Megha are in the same profession Mohan and Megha are like chalk and cheese. But one thing that they have in common is that they are in the same profession. And what's more, they work in the same office. It is pretty difficult to understand a crime reporter's lifestyle but since Megha and Mohan work together, it will be easier for them to understand each others' work pressures and find a way to spend time together.

  • 5.Mohan has accepted Megha's past Having a clean slate is probably the most important thing in a new marriage. But Megha comes with the baggage of her past marriage with Amar. The good news is that Mohan accepts this fact and has emphasized the fact that no one can replace Amar in Megha's life. He has also embraced Megha's two children from her previous marriage. And this is admirable, to say the least. Also, it is a good sign of things to come.

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