Yuck! Contestants to take cow dung bath to rule the bathroom area

posted by Admin, last updated on January 7th, 2015 at 2:21 pm

And Rahul once again participated for this one and chose Dimpy to be his takkar, again! 


This task  was a little hattke and involved the contestants to do some dirty and stinky activity! Two glass boxes were placed in the activity room with two hanging pipes right above. Dimpy and Rahul were required to be seated inside the boxes which was filled with cow dung! The task was to clean one’s body the maximum with given soaps until the soap melted or even got over. All this while cleaning themselves simultaneously with the cow dung water that poured from the dangling pipes. This time the privilege that the Champions got was to start the task one minute before the challengers. The task went on for 15 minutes.


Everything took off very well and the two teams cheered and supported their representative. Pritam got the responsibility to be the ‘Karya Sanchaalak’. The boxes were filling fast as the dirty water flowed, in fact challengers were seeing almost on the verge of winning the task, when all of a sudden Dimpy’s soap slipped and fell. She started searching for it but then controlled saying it was almost over and hence it slipped off. The challengers knew something was fishy and they pointed out that if the soap was almost over then why did she desperately search for it? They all waited patiently until the alarm rang at the end of the 15th minute as Rahul continued his cleaning! Now was the time when Pritam had to take a fair decision in order to declare the winner. Pritam was  in a fix!


Difficult decision.Who do you think won the task for the bathroom? Both the competitors fought hard and almost closely! Ab Kya Hoga?


Can’t wait to hear who the final winner was!


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