You would want to know why is Gautam trending on Twitter?

posted by Admin, last updated on January 11th, 2015 at 11:21 am

Post the epic fight in the house that Ali and Gautam had recently, although Gautam has been very calm and mature in handling the situation, Gautam received praises from Farah Khan that the impromptu rap he and Ali created was quite interesting. Also, that Gullu was better than Ali in the performance! 

All this while Gauti was quite amused by the appreciation, but he has not forgotten the foul language Ali used for him, which could actually make him go wild despite that he chose to take it easy.The whole episode has been replaying inside his heart and he expressed his feelings with MAC aka Mahek, like she says! Gautam shared that he would never forget things that Ali told him, albeit in the fight and whatever he had done to him. Being more specific, he said,“Mujhe Ali se inn sab cheezon ke baavjood koi khatra nahi hai.”  Oh! That confidence! 

Gautam went on to assure everyone else that going forward, he is ready to take things head on without getting dirty like Ali.

Hmmm, now if that sounds interesting, this could be difficult to follow too! What will be the next move for Gautam? Will he forget and let go or is he waiting for his own turn?


Let me go and check out how is our Gauti trending on twitter! *Sings 'We love,  we love Gauti!*


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