You won't believe what the next Tabaadala in the house was!

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The judgement day had arrived and it was a tough call for Capt.Karishma to take a fair decision. First of all she was asked to declare which team played better during the luxury budget task. Karishma named Challengers, as per her the Challengers showed more of patience towards the interrogating questions been thrown on them during the task. Sometime later, Sambhavna from team challengers was called inside the confession room and was asked to decide amongst the team who was the best player during the two days task.


The problem started, when Sambhavna started the discussion, the two names which immediately came in were Rahul and Sambhavna. But Sana wasn’t happy, she said she felt she gave extra efforts for the task even during the breaks. Like trying to provoke Mahek in the kitchen was her masterplan with Sambhavna and Upen for her next call to Mahek. She said she was the only one who worked even behind the scenes. Initially, she gave affirmations on the names of Rahul and Sambhavna, either of them to be deserving but gradually got more inclined to give her name because she felt she worked the hardest. Naturally, the discussion increased into a debate and nobody was coming to one conclusion for a long time.On the next call by Bigg Boss Sambhavna answered Bigg Boss saying they had yet not come upto any conclusion, hence Bigg Boss left it on Sambhavna to decide whose name she thought was best to be called the finest player. After a lot of thought, Sambhavna called out her name only.


Next question was for Karishma, to determine the weakest player from the Champions team. Karishma was in a fix! But thinking for a while she called out Dimpy, who was not upto the mark as compared to the whole team of hers. Karishma supported this with reason but Dimpy didn’t agree to it. After this decision Bigg Boss announced that since the best and worst players were declared, now was the time of ‘Tabaadla’. Hence, Bigg Boss asked Sambhavna and Dimpy to swap the teams.Yes, that was the strategy! So now, Dimpy is part of challengers whereas Sambhavna part of team Champions. Both to have same advantages and disadvantages attached to their respective teams.

Sana still looked upset! She made a sarcastic comment on Karishma saying “Jab champions champions karte ho toh champion ko kyun swap kar diya!”  Hai koi jawaab??


Watch the Judgement special tonight!


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