You won't believe how Sambhavna gave her real introduction to Dimpy!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 5th, 2015 at 10:59 am

As the Halla Bol got introduced, all the existing contestants came in guard to face it together. Those who had already spent over a 100 days inside since the beginning of the show felt that they were actually facing a tough challenge since the challengers have had a chance to gain popularity in the previous seasons. Later, Bigg Boss announced that for some time the challengers who had recently got in, would act as ‘Sevaks’ to the Champions, until they earn their own privileges. Hence Dimpy, was seen being whining and complaining about people working at all. This brought Sambhavna and Dimpy get into severe dispute. And trudt me you,  it took me back in time snd remembered the experiences in the house six years back, as Sambhavna was back in the same form. The argument heated up, and it took Sambhavna no time to open her sandal and throw at Dimpy, who was walking out of the bedroom in an attempt to hit her. Dimpy didn’t stay behind in dressing her down. In fact, she reached a point wherein she started weeping too!


Phew! It's barely been 24 hours, and there is so much rage in the house already.Truly, version Halla Bol of the season is not just a phrase in this house!


Catch the entire action in tonight’s episode!


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