You will hurt your stomach laughing to know why Dimpy quit the task!

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Dimpy is headstrong, determined and intelligent. She has played every game with strong conviction and sincerity of never giving up. There is nothing new that I have told you about her, but what you don't know is the reason why she quit the game. So, the story goes like this, while in the task for the second day, Dimpy complained of not feeling well and her body started giving up. But she still stood firm. A few hours later, a letter came from Bigg Boss with another offer. The task read- 'In the next half an hour, whoever quit the game would receive something which was inside another brief case.' The brief case was displayed on the monitor placed in corridor outside the living room.


Dimpy immediately told Upen that she would give her name for the same. As soon as Upen declared this in front of one of the cameras, Dimpy was free. She ran towards the brief case and as she curiousy unlocked the same, she was in absolute shock to find what was inside. Not only her, but rest of the housemates hugged her post that.


What was inside the brief case? Dimpy said she was thankful for the surprise! What was she talking about? I am still wondering what went wrong with the girl quitting the game so easily?


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