You will expire after knowing why Champions become one to save Gauti from nominations!

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This was the most astonishing and sweet nomination ever in the Big Boss house!  For the very first time the housemates forgot about their personal issues for one of the contenders, whom they have disliked, and stood by him just because the person has been part of them in the house from day one. Yes, I am talking about the Champions who took a stand to save Gautam!  It was quite overwhelming for me to watch the way nominations unfolded!

Nomination was to be done by the Champions against the Challengers, exactly like the last week. Each champion was asked to give reasons and nominate three challengers by cutting one balloon for each, with a reason. Since Gautam was now part of challengers, he could be one of the nominees too. I was too sure about Ali and Karishma going ahead and cutting balloons and releasing those to nominate Gauti! But very sweetly the two gave reasons that their main aim was to vote out the members, who have recently got inside the house and have no comparison for the 17 weeks ever since they were staying in including Gautam. So,  in that case even though Gautam was not their favourite they chose to save him! Awwww isn’t that very very sweet?


But what did the others think? Who were the ones finally nominated? Did Champion’s attempt to save Gautam work?


Watch the Nomination special tonight!


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