You know it's Black Mamba who is playing the real game!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 17th, 2014 at 3:32 pm

Just a few minutes post the nominations got over, Punzz was seen discussing Black Mamba aka Sonali with Gautam and Pritam. His deep observation said she is the one who is playing the actual game. And people feel she is least bothered. Punzz while giving examples of her spending maximum time with Upen in washroom area and in the garden said nobody knows what’s going inside her head. Adding further he said it’s more of a mind game for her. She is clever enough to know nothing is going to brew in between her and Upen hence she is pretty comfortable with the idea of clinging onto him maximum time. Puneet pointed the ‘Blanket incident,’ which was told by Dimpy as to the kind of wave it created amongst the audience, he said she knows how to keep audience hooked,with such strategies, she is gaining maximum content and an extension in the house. What an analysis Punzz! Just in few seconds later Dimpy and Sonali joined the conversation.Without changing the topic much, Puneet smartly told Sonali ‘Tu Sacchi hai”.


Dimpy and Puneet also made her feel a little comfortable when Sonali talked about the remarks made on her over the days. Ah! It’s becoming a cob web to fathom what the truth is and who is truly honest.


Need some coffee to think!


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