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We are going to be tick-talking drama real soon, and for the love of entertainment, Bigg Boss has been a real treat for a decade now. The new season is knocking at our doors, all ready to deliver some fire-crackling-madness. Apart from everything that transpires within the four walls of this house, what  is really enthralling is the crazy tasks that the contestants have to go through besides putting up with one another.

Chalo, before the new season brings in a fresh wave of some craziness, let’s see what some of the tasks have been like in the past seasons...




Riding the bull

Who said one has to go all the way to Spain to ride a bull? One of the luxury budget tasks involved the contestants to ride a mechanical bull and grab the tags of the food items that were hanging above them. The team with the maximum cards was a winner in this task. Wow! We don’t think any of them must have shopped groceries like this ever before.




Chor police

Let’s hit a rewind on childhood with a twist. Another task that saw the division of the housemates as cops and robbers left us thoroughly entertained. As robbers, the contestants had been asked to rob some of the personal belongings of the cops and sneak them into the store room. If caught red-handed, the police was given the authority to place the robbers in a jail placed in the garden area. Bachpan ki yaadein, we say.




Lele re Selfie, lele re

Who said tasks aren’t fun? Two teams were formed and this time it was about going on a selfie spree. Bigg Boss is being trendy much! The challenge was that both teams were required to distract one another while the selfies are being clicked. As everyone tried to save a quiet spot to get the selfie, they were nudged on by the other team, and slowly a selfie game turned into a selfish game.




What’s that smell?

One of the extremely weird tasks carried out in the Bigg Boss house was the cow dung task .Two house inmates were to be selected to soak themselves in a tub full of cow dung for two hours.  Not our choice of spa for sure!




Who let the dogs out?

We all love food but who likes to share a plate with a dog? Kushal Tandon took up a notorious task to stay put in the Bigg Boss house. He was asked by inmates to perform the task of drinking water from a dog's bowl. Not only did he gulp that water down but his pride too.




Hijack kiya jaye!

The Hijack task during one of the Bigg Boss  seasons was one of the nastiest tasks which gave the inmates an opportunity to torture their enemies. Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares took complete advantage of this opportunity and applied chilli paste on Natasha’s face. They even rubbed their smelly footwear all over her. Moreover, when chilli powder was rubbed on Gautam Gulati’s face, he could not bear it and hurled abuses at Karishma.


Screenshot_2016-10-14-13-49-38-1 (1)


Ghaane zulfo ka raaz kya hai?

Hair play a big role in defining a person’s look but both Apurva Agnihotri and Sangram Singh had to shave off their prized possession for a Bigg Boss task . After much debate, the two went ahead to get their hair cut. About the other inmates, what do we say, ‘baal baal bachey’.




React karein ya na karein yeh kaisi mushkil haye!

One of the tasks in the Bigg Boss house was ‘Kaun Imam’, where the housemates had to ignore Imam while he had to get reactions out of them. The task brought out Imam’s crazy side to fore as he tried to instigate the housemates to react. From mocking to testing everyone’ s patience, Imam went all out with this one.


Oh good lord! And all of them survived happily ever after. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready for a lean back experience of some 'abso-freakingly-lutely' crazy tasks!  We know this is much better entertainment than starry nights. Get here soon, Oct 16th!

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