Yet Another Setback For Manohar Orchestrated By Daadi!

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on February 23rd, 2015 at 1:32 pm

‘Satyagrah’ led by Chakor is going strong but on the other hand Vivaan’s health is failing every day. Manohar is disturbed as he learns about Vivaan’s health and directs him to get back to the haweli only to hear a denial. Vivaan tells Manohar that if he wants him back to the haweli then Manohar needs to make sure that the promise given to the village kids has to be fulfilled. 

Manohar's fury flares up but is helpless to react to the situation. He threatens Kamal saying that if Vivaan is not brought back home and the Anshan doesn’t end anyhow then he will expose him in front of everyone. Kamal is stunned and he promises Manohar that within 24 hours the Anshan will end. Kamal approaches the Sitapur inspector and asks him to end the ‘Satygrah’ come what may. Sitapur inspector is a corrupt man on duty and reaches the ‘Satyagrah’ spot to end the ‘Anshan’. But just then Daadi brings the villages together and leads the front they unite once again.

Will the ‘Anshan’ end by any means? Will Daadi and Villagers be able to stop the corrupt Inspector? 

To find out what happens, watch Udann only on Colors.

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