Yet another Khatron ka season is not just about fear but recognitions too!

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The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about ‘Fear Factor, Khatron ke Khiladi’ is lots of dangerous and breath taking stunts. But it’s not just about that. Here people share fun and laughter too. If not anybody else,Rohit Shetty certainly knows how to ease them out when the contestants look over stressed. Now this,in itself is a biggest motivation for them to keep going.


The episode tonight will showcase, Rohit telling the audience and the co-contestants that  Rakesh Kumar is the national level ‘Kabaddi Champion’ and that he also leads the team as a captain.To add the feather on his cap is his biggest achievement of winning national ‘Arjuna Award’. Rohit encourages him to share his journey. Rakesh mentions that he hails from a small village in Haryana and is from a middle class family.He says about his passion to play Kabbaddi from a very young age, and how he has taken one step at a time to become successful. He shares how from being a child playing small tournaments at various occasions he went on to win matches and in reward received bowls, plates and glasses and sometimes small amount of cash too which was a big thing then for him. And gradually with hard struggle and tenacious efforts he could make it to a platform like Khatron ke Khiladi, which also gives him recognition. He said he has been severely injured and even overheard people talking during his low phase that he wouldn’t be able to do anything and yet he made it so big.


Later,Rohit also shares his passion for cars and more than 110 stunts he has so far done related to cars,one of the most dangerous being with Abhishek Bachchan.


Looks like today we will see some real car stunts by the contestants along with another risky stunt where the contestants hang upside down through a harness connected to the chopper and try releasing flags placed in lake.There after releasing oneself from the harness resulting in falling into the water.


Catch unlimited khatra in tonight's episode!

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