Yet another girl gets eliminated from the 'Khiladi Bridage' #KKK6

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 7th, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Sunday's episode will have the Khiladi's performing as duos. One of the interesting tasks included 'Bhaag Partner Bhaag' wherein one person stays inside the tanker full of water performing while his partner stands on the roof of the tanker as the vehicle runs in high spped.

The next stunt required the Khiladis doing some Catwalk.The initial performances lead to the elimination round and interestingly, there will be only girls in the danger zone, making it clear that one of the girls would leave the show this weekend.

The elimination stunt looks freaking with number of scorpions and rats all over the scene.The stunt includes the contestants to remove one rat after another while scorpions wander around their heads.This not only feels creepy while doing but also the rest of the Khiladis will be seen shivering at the sight of it.The contestants in the danger zone are Asha, Sana, Riddhi and Rashmi.

Who do you think will leave this weekend?Watch the episode this Sunday 9 pm only on COLORS!

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