Yet another break of conflict heats up the house: turns anti-Karishma!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 15th, 2014 at 5:25 pm

Upen was already begrudging since a day about Puneet’s comment “Yeh hamesha ladkiyon ki aad mein rehta hai ” and his rift with Gautam added fuel to the fire today. He looked disturbed after he got to know about Sonali talking to Puneet how Upen shared about certain monetary crisis he had been dealing with and how important was for him to stay in the show. Upen got to know about all of this through Karishma. Sonali tried talking to Upen, who was already devastated for his dignity being ripped apart, he blew up abusing Sonali leaving her shocked and numb for a few seconds. He actually abused her and asked her to shut up!

Sonali was completely taken aback; she went upto Puneet and tried clarifying the whole thing, which was asked to join by Karishma too. Puneet said Karishma was trying to create nuisance by all of this and he also said “Wo aag laga rahi hai.” Praneet defended his little friend Sonali and shouted at Karishma that as Upen abused her Karishma was seen clapping, which was absolutely absurd. Karishma in her defense said Praneet was highly misunderstood saying this and she definitely didn’t mean to be happy about it but sarcastically reacted on what all was happening. Just in one instance the entire house turned against Karishma once again!


Let’s watch the confessions she makes tonight!


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