With what intention did Ali call Gautam Gulati?

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Looks can be deceptive! Last week’s fight between Gautam and Ali hasn’t gone down well in their systems till date. Though they have started talking to each other and have exchanged friendly gestures too, but internally there is some other story altogether. So this time qhen the opportunity came, Ali from challengers team made the call to Gautam. It was a one way conversation wherein Gautam hardly got any chance to respond when Ali said things like “Aapne logon ke saath Upen pe ilzaam lagaya ki wo ladkiyon ki aad mein rehta hai har waqt, magar jab se naye log ghar mein aaye hain aap khud baaki ladkiyon ki aad mein rehte ho. Aapne Dimpy ke liye koi stand nahi liya, Mahek jo aapki acchi dost hai unke liye bhi aapne stand nahi liya. Aur toh aur aap hamesha Karishma ko apna target banaate ho.Aap yeh sab karke dikhana kya chahte ho?”


Gautam ensured he remained calm during the entire conversation and allegations put on him but replied politely to Ali saying that he was being misunderstood somewhere because whatever perception he carried about him was wrong and he wasn’t taking any woman’s support in the house because he didn’t need that ever, and if Ali was saying that, it was his opinion and he couldn’t help it. 

There was a point during this call when Gautam felt bad about things but due to his team’s support, he went on with his patient not getting wavered. Ali in an attempt to provoke Gautam also told him that he was actually trying to mislead the janta  by trying to be Mr.Goody-Goody. He challenged Gautam that very soon Sana too would part her ways with him.


Will Ali's tall claimsthat come true? Was there some truth in Ali’s remarks on Gautam? What would be Gautam’s honest answers on the same?


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