Will Tanuja be able to escape her captors on Kasam?

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In the last night’s episode we saw Rishi having a heated conversation with Katyani Bai who tells him that Tanuja and him are destined to be together. She urges him not to leave her. Manpreet and Yuvraj call her a mad woman and drag her out of the house which makes Rishi upset. Katyani makes her way to the temple to find that Tanuja is nowhere to be found and this gets her extremely worried.




Tanuja is later seen walking down a street, feeling lightheaded and hungry. She comes across a food stall and tries to grab some food but is immediately stopped by the dhaba owner who accuses her of being a thief. A lady sees the commotion and tries to get Tanuja out of the sticky situation by telling the owner that Tanuja is no thief and that she’s her daughter. Tanuja is surprised at this and faints shortly after.




Tanuja finds herself at the lady’s house when she recovers and the lady tells her that she works for an NGO that looks after deserted women and tells her to rest. Rishi tells Rano that he will forget all about Tanuja but refuses to get married again. The lady who saved Tanuja is later seen on the phone having a conversation with a person called Bharat and tries to sell Tanuja off. Tanuja overhears the conversation and quickly tries to figure out a way to escape. She runs to the bedroom window and makes a rope out of bedsheets and begins to climb out the window. Some men working for the lady break into the bedroom and try to stop her.




Will Tanuja be able to escape? Tune in to find out what happens in the next episode.


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