Will Shani let Yami get married to Chandra dev?

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In an interesting plot last evening we saw on Shani, how guru dev refuses to do vaagdaan of Yami. Shani clearly suspects there is definitely something going on within guru dev’s heart which is making him unhappy about this marriage. It becomes obvious for Surya dev and others that guru dev knows something about Chandra dev and that’s the reason why he is refusing to do Yami’s vaagdaan. However, in arrogance Surya dev says that because of this his daughter’s marriage wouldn’t suffer and definitely someone else would be doing the vaagdaan in place of him.


Shani however has promised to do everything for his sister’s marriage but at the same time he wants to be very sure if Yami is happy about it. He even goes to Yami personally and questions about the same. Later on he visits guru dev and asks him about his disapproval. In fact, Kakol also tells Shani how Chandra dev isn’t the right match for Yami. There is a lot that runs through Shani’s mind. He is seen thinking deeply.





In the further episodes of Shani , during the week we will see how a big truth about Chandra dev is revealed in front of everyone. This is going to be shocking for all.





What is the truth all about? Will Surya dev repent for his mistakes after knowing the truth? How will Shani save his sister’s life?


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