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The week will begin with panic stricken deities in dev lok as Maruti is about to gulp ‘Surya’(Sun).  Hanumaan’s mother, worried Anjani will cry out to Pawan dev to ensure Maruti’s safety. Pawan dev in return will be seen assuring Anjani that nothing will go wrong with Maruti, and just in case anything happens he will stop the air flow to be sure of Maruti’s safety.





On the other hand Rahu who was earlier supposed to gulp Surya will reach out to Indra stating Maruti is very close to the Sun and is about to gulp it. Everyone will be worried in the soorya lok, and Surya dev will start feeling uneasy during the process.  Indra will decide to stop Maruti by throwing a weapon at him. Shani will be seen reaching out at just knick of time requesting Indra to let him have a word with Maruti, but just then Indra would throw the vajra at Maruti, Shani would scream out asking Maruti to be careful but eventually it will hit Maruti’s chin and he will be seen falling down on ground. An angry Pawan dev will stop the air flow and everyone will start choking due to this.






Mahadev will appear in the end giving new life to Maruti and his new name as ‘Hanumaan.’ Hanumaan would somewhere feel that it all happened because of Shani. Hanumaan will remain angry with Shani. However, Anjani would tell Hanumaan that he was saved because of Shani. Kaakol will notice this dislike and tell Shani about the same, but Shani would smile and say that Hanumaan is one of the purest souls.


In further episodes there would be a major face off between Shani and Hanumaan, and the latter would be seen offering him to play a game with him in one of the instances, wherein Hanumaan would ask questions to Shani and if he answers them correctly he wouldn’t harm him and Kaakol but if he gives wrong answers he wouldn’t leave Kaakol. Every correct answer will make Hanumaan move a step behind and a wrong answer a step closer to him and Kaakol.






Shani knows the true self and spirit of Hanumaan, however an upset Hanumaan thinks otherwise about Shani. What will happen then?

Will Shani win or lose the game?

Will Hanumaan ever get along with Shani or the duo will remain against each other forever?





To know how the story builds up, watch ‘Shani.’

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