Will Sanchi change her mind after knowing Veer's truth?

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As per the current track of ‘Savitri Devi College & Hospital’ love is seen being fostered between Veer and Sanchi. But this week things will turn a little serious after Dr. Malhotra sees them together and gets extremely furious!




Eventually Sanchi will get to know that Veer is Anand Malhotra’s son. This is definitely going to shock Sanchi as she has been hearing about Anand Malhotra’s history from her mother, Jaya and that’s precisely the main reason why Sanchi has to become a good doctor, in order to bring justice for all the wrong that happened with her late father. Will Sanchi’s heart change towards Veer? Will she leave him after this?



We also saw how Pragya felt extremely pleased when Satish (a prospective groom) helped her during a problem. Pragya has started liking him a little unlike before.



Also Gayatri got successful in exposing Neeta in front of Anand and other clients about her wrong intentions. This infuriated Dr.Anand and he asked Neeta to pack her bags and return to her parent’s place.




Priya gets numb seeing the dead body of Ravi and Vikrant standing next to him with bloodied hands.


With so much happening on ‘Savitri Devi College & Hospital’ you think you can afford to miss on the episodes?


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