Will Rahu become immortal after savoring the 'Amrit' on Shani?

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A lot has happened post the ‘Amrit Manthan’ happened on Shani. Finally, when the Amrit came out, the Devs and Asuras all wanted to taste it to become immortal.





To ensure the Amrit goes to the Devs only, God Vishnu took the form of an apsara with mesmerizing beauty called – Mohini. Mohini entered the pataal lok and deluded the Asuras with her beauty including Rahu. All the Asuras go spellbind looking at Mohini and forget that she could be a possible threat taking away the Amrit. This is what exactly happened, Goddess Vishnu used this way to bring back the Amrit safe for the Devs.





Shani signaled all Devs that they all could have the Amrit. When Rahu realized that Mohini tricked him and all other Asuras, he feels cheated. He decided to take revenge by tricking the Devs.





While Mohini offered Amrit to the Devs, Rahu tricked everyone by taking the form of Chandra and stood in the queue for his turn to have Amrit. The moment Mohini tried offering Amrit to Rahu assuming he is Chandra, Shani called out to Mohini saying he isn’t Chandra.





The entire moment freezed. Mohini had almost given few drops of Amrit to Rahu.





What will happen next? Will Rahu finally succeed in his plan by becoming immortal like the Devs or there will be a way out to stop this?

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