Will Preeto succeed in her plans on 'Shakti'?

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on February 23rd, 2017 at 5:44 pm

Preeto has always tried to create a rift between Harman and Saumya but her attempts have always been thwarted by Harman’s growing affection for Saumya. Previously on the show, we saw Saumya trying to make Harman and Surbhi bond by leaving the two alone. Kareena’s attempt to abduct Saumya and bring her back to the Kinnar society failed again as Mallika intervened at the right moment.

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Preeto asked Saumya to go back to her family for a few days and tell Harman and Surbhi that she misses her family. Preeto then told Varun to get two tickets for Harman and Surbhi so they could go on a honeymoon. Saumya expressed her desire to go back to her mayka as taught by Preeto. Surbhi was curious about why she wanted to go back there. Harman told her that he will go with her and that his happiness lies in her happiness.

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Will Preeto succeed this time? How is Saumya going to deal with this situation?


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