Will Preeto find out the truth about Harman and Surbhi on 'Shakti'?

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Earlier on the show we saw Saumya trying to arrange a secret meeting for Raavi with her husband in hopes of reuniting them. Raavi told him to get out but he was caught sneaking out by Varun. Varun thought it was a thief and started chasing Raavi’s husband but Saumya turned off the power in the house which helped him escape.

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Guru Ma visited the Kinnar society where Mallika welcomed her. Guru Ma told everyone that she was stepping down and wanted someone else to become Guru Ma. Kareena conspired against Mallika and tried to turn everyone against her so she could not win the election.

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Preeto got suspicious of Harman and Surbhi’s relationship and tried to find out the truth. She went to check on them in their room but Harman opened the door right in the nick of time as she reached there.


Will Preeto find out that Harman and Surbhi’s relationship is a lie? Will Kareena turn everyone against Mallika?


Keep watching ‘Shakti’ Mon-Fri at 8PM on Colors to find out.

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