Will inspector Ajay become the reason for a rift between Chakor and Sooraj?

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After crossing through end number of troubles and misunderstandings, finally love finds its way on Udann, Sooraj and Chakor re-unite once again. However together now, they both have set on a mission to expose Ragini with the help of inspector Ajay.





Inspector Ajay on the other hand feels extremely grateful to Chakor for having stopped his transfer from Azaadganj. He requests Chakor for coffee for which Chakor agrees. On knowing that Chakor is meeting inspector Ajay and not him that evening, Sooraj feels extremely agitated and barges into his house. Inspector Ajay and Sooraj get into a fight and Chakor somehow manages stopping them. Amidst all of this, Kamal Narayan takes the advantage of the situation and flees away with the evidences in the camera. Camera had the pictures of Ragini giving money to the doctor. Ajay blames Sooraj for having lost the camera. In the upcoming episode we will see how Vivaan gets to see the pictures in the camera and he starts searching for Ragini desperately in shock.





It will be exciting to see how Vivaan eventually gets to know truth about his own medical reports. What will he do to Ragini after she gets exposed?





Will Sooraj’s jealousy towards Ajay create yet another rift between him and Chakor?





The story of Udann takes an interesting turn from here.


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