Wild card entries aren't accepted openly comments Dimpy's mother

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She’s one such Wild Card contestant who has come in and changed the game completely. Dimpy has been called the gamechanger, homebreaker and what not but that hasn’t stopped the bong babe to play the Bigg Boss game with full fervor. And her mother Mrs. Ganguly is all praises for her daughter’s strength in the game!

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Do you think Dimpy is playing a good game?

As a mother I obviously favor my daughter’s game but was sad to see that in between she became a little emotional. She was probably even hurt when she was ranked 10th in popularity. But she’s playing well and playing logically. I believe wild card entries aren’t accepted openly and everyone sees them as a threat. That is why she’ll constantly be in nominations further on.

Q. Is she very sensitive in real life too?

No, Dimpy is a strong girl. Ofcourse she has emotions but anytime she feels upset there’s logic behind it, there are strong reasons. When Ali didn’t support for captaincy she genuinely felt hurt because she considered him as a friend. When Dimpy makes friends she sticks by them.

Q. Talking about her personal life, Dimpy has faced a lot of personal trauma and despite that she’s focusing on the game. Your thoughts on it

Like everyone knows before she went in the house she had filed for divorce but because she’s inside she has missed her court date and she has no idea about that. Right now her sister has no place to live and Dimpy has no clue where she is or what’s happening with her. With so many issues at the back of her mind I’m sure it is tough for her to survive but she’s managing it.

Q. Pritam has always commented that Dimpy came into break P3G and has taunted her by calling her ‘homebreaker’…

Tell me one thing can a girl alone break a group like P3G? Obviously they had their own issues and that is the main reason why the group broke up. The problems among them had cropped up long ago. Dimpy was not even in the game then. In fact the group has only been using each other to save themselves from elimination and my daughter hasn’t gone into make or break homes.

Q. Dimpy and Pritam has had some loud arguments in previous episodes, do you think Dimpy is being forced to raise her voice?

This is the same Pritam who once asked everyone to stay away from Ali, to ignore him. And today suddenly he’s become good friends with him and put him in no1 position on popularity. Even Karishma has suddenly become good friends with him. Dimpy only states what she sees happening and everyone in the house is playing a game.

Q. Who do you think is a true friend of Dimpy and from whom should she stay away?

I think Gautam is someone who is true to Dimpy. He’s Dimpy’s only friend. Since she has entered the game things have changed for Gautam. He started to mingle with others, he became the captain and things have been going well for him. On the other hand I think Dimpy should stay away from Karishma. The two know each other briefly from outside and so Dimpy should be careful

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