Why We Think It's Time We Took A Stand Against Ragging #Udann

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on April 9th, 2015 at 6:57 pm

As the saying goes ‘An empty mind is the devil's workshop’ and that is exactly from where all the evil tricks and thoughts are given birth. One of the many such evil thought is the practice of Ragging.  We all know how ragging works, how a bunch of bullies catch hold of a victim and pressurise him/her to act according to their whims and wishes.

Recently we even saw our very own Chakor go through the trauma of ragging. She has been called a liar, cheater and a traitor and now she has been expelled from school as well without her being at fault. But the girl with strong determination, even ragging hasn't deterred her from her path and we're mighty proud of her! 

But unfortunately there are many kids unlike Chakor who fall under the pressure of ragging and sometimes take drastic steps which ruins their lives. Here are a few ways we feel ragging affects the young minds and how everyone needs to take inspiration from little Chakor and her undying spirit to stand for what's right.

1.)Breaks The Self-Confidence: Being a victim of regular ragging by a snob around you can completely smash your self-strength into pieces. Same thing happened with Chakor when Chote Babu Suraj and his gang started to harass her by spoiling her clothes and tearing her books. But this didn't stop Chakor from making it to class successfully and showing her inner strength to Suraj and his gang.




2.) Revengeful Nature: Not fighting against being ragged from the start might be dangerously effective in the future. It leaves a mark which can never be forgotten or forgiven and always wants you to take revenge which might lead you into deep trouble. For example, Chakor who always believed in non-violence and finding solutions with love was forced to pick up a stone in order to defend the Gang from bullying her little sister Imli. It was her way of telling her bullies that how much ever they try they can't mess around with her and her family.




3.) Trust Issues: Trust is one of the most important aspects in everyone’s life but when a person is being ragged, he/she may lose closed ones because of trust issues. Like recently all the village kids lost their faith in Chakor because Suraj and gang portrayed Chakor to be leading them on falsely about education. Similarly in Code Red we saw how a girl lost all her friends because of ragging. Always try confiding in your loved ones when going through a traumatic time like ragging.

4.) Tolerance Level Becomes Zero:  When you are ragged repeatedly you become so frustrated that your patience level compared to that of other goes to zero. And this might trigger you to lose your cool on the smallest of issues. In such cases, Chakor teaches an important lesson in which she shows how to keep calm and not let such matters take away your courage. 




5.) Suicidal Ventures:  It wasn’t long ago when in CodeRed we saw a girl being a victim of ragging and she tried to do something  so scary just so she doesn’t have to be ragged anymore. She tried to end her life! Suicide is and never will be the solution!

While these may be some important ways in which ragging affects people but the scars left are deep and painful. As human beings it's our duty to stop such malpractices around us, be aware if any of our family or friends are going through such a tough situation and be by their side to show support. And more importantly, like Chakor, believe in ourselves and stay strong when the time comes. 

Have you ever witnessed ragging around you or been a victim yourself of which you have come out winning? Share your stories with us in the comments below! 

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