Why was the last task deferred with a full and final twist!

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Just after the couple of hours Bigg Boss gave last warning to complete the task, he finally announced that the task was being ‘Called off’ because none of the teams was able to successfully place the five steps making ladder to grab the golden bag carrying 25 lakhs. So as a result, now the amount belonged to neither of the teams. But, it was also announced that now each and everyone in the house had the rights to win the 25 lakhs. And how? Will tell you when the time is right. Well, that news brought a hopeful smile on each one’s face and as just before that they all looked grumpy to realilzethat the amount belonged to none of the teams. But now they had the hopes once again. 


What was going to happen nobody knew.But they all were seen relaxing and chit-chatting reminiscing the entire season. Pritam mentioned how Praneet left the house too soon, Ali said Sonali was very rude but Sambhavna added she liked such people who were bindass and carefree. Pritam said “Sonali koi koi farakh nahi padta” ( in Sonali’s tone).Towards the end of the conversation, Sambhavna said how season 8 was totally different from season 2 for her! When asked how, she said in previous season she used to stay all stressed and scared all the time which never came into picture of anyone but today she was all confident and un-regrettable for her acts in fact had more sense of freedom.


Aww….now even I am feeling nostalgic that the season has actually come to an end!


Over ‘n’ Out


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