Why was Pritam the reason behind Dimpy's tears?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 1st, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Looks like this nominations day has hurt a lot of egos inside the house. Pritam alone can't be blamed; he was just asked to give names and he did that! It’s a game ultimately. Dimpy jokingly said Pritam about her name being amongst the nominations this time and that now it’s her turn to give it back to Pritam the so called ‘Pain’ in the house, which according to her was communicated in a  very light hearted way. But Pritam got irated and it also hurt his self-image. He responded saying that people, who talk about big things in house don’t stay for long and she should think and only make statements and many more to add. Dimpy said Pritam was quite harsh as he said all this and reflected his arrogant side.


She cried as she shared this with Karishma, Gautam and Praneet. She said that she has always been targeted by Pritam. Adding further, she said Pritam has always nominated her whenever he had got a chance and he always acts and thinks against her. In fact, relating yesterday’s incident, when Sonakshi had come and Pritam denoted her with the ‘Muhavra’ “900 chuhe khaake billi chale haj ko chali” pinched her a lot! She wanted valid reasoning to what makes him think like that. I saw her weeping for a very long time.Well, Sonakshi’s ‘Muhavra’ round anyways wasn’t taken in the right spirit by many!



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