Why was Ali released from his secret task?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 24th, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Ali was somewhere going weak in coping with the pressure of the secret task. So, Bigg Boss called him and released him from the the secret task, because he couldn't do justice to it! Ali didn’t know how to react but he was somewhere happy that he got saved from being whacked and bashed by inmates around him if they found out that he was the culprit behind new issues in the house, if nothing else.


In fact, Bigg Boss complimented the rest other housemates for trying to play the luxury budget task with full honesty as they had been successful in proving most of the predictions wrong. It was also announced that due to Ali’s failure in completion of individual task, the luxury budget would be be affected by certain points. Did Ali ever wonder that even losing out would make him answerable too! No, I guess Ali’s was in a catch 22 situation! 


This way the luxury budget task got over successfully and the housemates breathed easy finally! But there was something more the day was awaiting for them.

Watch the episode tonight to know more! 



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