Why Namish Taneja is simply dashing!

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on September 11th, 2016 at 2:15 am

Namish Taneja who plays Lakshya in Swaragini has been creating a buzz with his happening looks and attitude. Lakshya was portrayed as a young man who had gone astray but found his way back into the family. Namish Taneja carried himself perfectly through all these different phases in the life of Lakshya and also looked awesome.



Here’s why we find him so dashing…



He’s stylish in any look!



namish 2



namish 9



namish 6



Not just that, he seems to be a total selfie buff!



namish 4



namish 3



Needless to mention, he’s a fitness freak!



namish 5



namish 7



He can easily pull off the ‘boy- next- door’ look!



namish 8



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