Why Harman And Saumya From 'Shakti' Are The Perfect Jodi!

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on May 12th, 2017 at 6:38 pm

Saumya has had a very troubled past with people treating her like an outcast and her own father trying to take her life. Finding her place in the world surrounded by anger and hate because of who she is made life extremely difficult for her. That was until Harman stepped into her life. Harman’s love for Saumya knows no bounds. He sees her as a human being and is determined to make a good life for her.


The fact that she is a kinnar didn’t stop him from falling in love with her and their love for each other has grown over time to the point where Harman would do anything to be around her. Harman even stood up against people he cares about to defend and protect Saumya countless times. His mother’s attempts to keep them apart only made his love for Saumya grow even stronger.


Recently, Harman left the house to be with Saumya in an effort to make money to support each other. Harak Singh disowned Harman from his property and this made Harman and Saumya penniless. Harman and Saumya found an old hut which they turned into their home. This just further proves the fact that Harman would go to any extent to give Saumya the kind of life she deserves and keep her happy always.


Saumya has always been a strong, quiet woman who despite suffering wrongdoings has treated everyone with kindness and respect. Her vulnerability does not make her weak but a person of strong character. As they say, it takes courage to be strong in a world that can sometimes be cruel. It’s this kindness and innocence that made Harman fall in love with her even more, despite Saumya trying to push him away so that his relationship with the people he cares about doesn’t suffer. Saumya’s love for Harman knows no bounds and cares immensely for him. A love that is pure. Despite some unfortunate circumstances, they always keep coming back to each other. Saumya only wants to see Harman happy, not realising that he is only happy when he is with his Gulabo! They are just perfect for each other, are they not?


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