Why did Veer feel he is failing in his plans? # Shastri Sisters

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Mr. Sareen calls up Veer on the wedding day to inform that Mr.Shastri  is ready for his daughter's marriage and doesn’t wan’t to back out. In fact, he is also told that Mr. Sareen is waiting for the ‘Baraat’ to arrive soon! Veer, who is in utter surprise doesn’t understand what to do in that situation.


Here, Anushka is getting ready for the wedding but is deeply sad and shattered by whatever is happening. Simultanously, we see Minty getting ready for the wedding too but Mr.Sareen thinks that if Minty comes to the marriage it would become very difficult to stop the marriage. Thinking all of that an idea strikes Mr.Sareen and he mixes something in Minty’s drink.


On the other hand, restless Veer confronts Mr.Sareen directly and asks him as to why he wants to give his daughter to someone who is not at all a match for her and why wasn't he thinking about his daughter’s future?  After listening to whatever Veer had to say, Mr. Sareen says that he is aware of all the plans Veer has been making since long.This puts Veer into thoughts!


Does this mean Veer failed in every way possible and he wouldn’t be able to unite Rajat and Anushka?


Story gets interesting here! Keep watching ‘Shastri Sisters’ on COLORS!  

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