Why did Sana and Dimpy fight?

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This task gave straight hint to the housemates that this time the fight was to win Bedroom area. Who were the two contenders who stood against each other to win the task? Drumrolls! Rahul and Karishma. I am wondering why Mr.Mahajan jumps in for all the tasks and doesn’t give fair chance to someone else? The given task demanded the contenders to remain within the circle in the activity area and fight against each other using the pillows. But they all forgot that the surface wasn’t cushioned and the task wasn’t so easy. The winner was to be decided based on the three chances given to the competitors, which meant three rounds of pillow fight. Knowing the fact that these women are slightly low in physical strength and stamina when it comes to doing activities that include physical power, I was amazed the way Karishma played to win! From one angle it looked nothing less than a fight between a man and a woman. Applauds KT! But unfortunately the champions lost the task as Rahul pushed KT a little more to throw her out of the circle. Karishma got a lot of cheer frim her team, in fact Gautam patted her back too. No less than a winner I say!


But Dimpy felt it was unfair to have opposite gender to play this task, because naturally that was unfair for the girls, who are physically less powerful than men. Hence, she got into an argument with Sana, who thought otherwise. Sana felt if the person playing the task didn’t have problems and took the task sportingly then why was she jumping in between? There was a war of words between the two as Sana asked Dimpy to shut up! Oh! Dimpy once again lost on this one.


Karishma was seen limping because of some injuries she got during the task, and Gautam lent shoulder to her while taking her for first aid. Cute, isn’t it?




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