Why did Pritam justify himself in front of Diandra!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 8th, 2014 at 4:35 pm

So this all started during this ‘Weekend ka vaar’ while the ‘Adaalat’ task was on and Pritam questioned Gautam and Diandra about their actual relationship status! Gautam being not too sure about reverting called upon Diandra so that the two could collectively provide all the clarifications and sarcastically even warn all of them to ‘stay away’ from anything they were into and minding own business. 


Apparently, Diandra didn’t feel that good at that point in time and was later seen confronting Pritam asking how could he think accusing someone without even realizing the consequences and sentiments. Pritam innocently tried convincing Diandra that he wasn’t there to make an insult or make somebody a laughing stock, this was just asked in general as their relationship has become quite conspicuous in the house. Considering the fact the kind of foes they had become in between, could make anybody wonder how such drastic change in dynamics, that too so soon!


Don’t worry Pritam, even we are trying to figure that out!


Let’s watch tonight’s episode until then


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