Why did Karishma choose Nutella over everything for the Luxury budget?

posted by Admin, last updated on January 10th, 2015 at 8:49 am

After a long wait, housemates finally got to know that in the Luxury Budget items for today, they were getting their favorite food items! Especially, the Champions, who performed better than the challengers during the task ‘Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar’ were told that each member from the team champions could ask for one favorite item they were longing for since quite some time. While Ali requested for mutton and Dimpy for Ghee, Karishma asked for ‘Nutella’. Really? As far as I know, there is just one crazy fan of Nutella in the house,*Ehehehehe* so was Karishma trying to tease him that this time it was her turn? Also, as per a claus given by Bigg Boss, the asked items were to be used personally and sharing wasn’t allowed. I heard Ali and Dimpy asking Karishma to order something else knowing very well that she didn’t like Nutella that much. But, Karishma paid no attention when she made final decision. As the final items were called out, Ali and Dimpy were seen little irritated on Karishma, who could have opted for something else. But Karishma said it was her choice and she wanted it. She asked Ali not to tell her what she should have asked for and what not, as even Ali opted for something he wanted. Also one member from Challengers could request for his/her favorite item too. Rahul was chosen and he asked for coffee!!


While Ali was seen talking to Pritam and Dimpy and as he saw Karishma walking in he humororusly said “ Accha tu aa gayi?? Agar tu 5 min aur nahi aati toh hum teri chugli karna shuru karne hi waale the” The whole expression was too comical I tell you!


Let's see what Teacher Farah has to tell them this week in her class!


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