Why did Dimpy give justification on Rahul's behalf?

posted by Admin, last updated on January 15th, 2015 at 6:27 pm

From an estranged wife to a Bigg Boss competitor, hell bent on throwing her husband out of the show, Dimpy now has all her support to Rahul. I saw her sharing her concern with Sambhavna on how bad and rude it was on Karishma’s behalf last time to talk to Rahul over such a sensitive issue despite her telling not to do when the other person couldn’t respond much over the phone. To defend Rahul, Dimpy cleverly claimed that she knew why Rahul was flirting around Karishma so much, and that was because he knew very well before entering the house that people would anyway try to link him up with Dimpy and he didn’t want further problems for the duo once they came out of the house. That was the whole idea behind him creating this angle so that people would remain distracted with this act of his. Oh! but this wasn’t told before Dimpy! What I remember is you didn’t like Rahul flirting with KT and told about this to KT too! Changing stances?


Apparently, Dimpy has forgotten that audience is watching! And why not? She hasn’t seen the outside world for more than two months now!


Dimpy darling you cannot hide things even if you want in this house! Haha!


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