Who will win Natasha's custody in the end?

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This week on Kasam, Rishi and Tanuja will come face to face once again; but this time to win Natasha’s custody.




Rano without Rishi’s knowledge sends a legal notice to Tanuja for the custody of Natasha. Tanuja answers back Rano saying she will ensure her daughter remains with her forever. On the other hand Rishi who is trying to resolve issues between him and Tanuja finally gets to know about this case filed and surprised at this tells Rano she shouldn’t have done anything as such. He tries to meet Tanuja to tell her that he hasn’t filed for any case but midway meets up Abhishek and gets into a verbal spat with him. Abhishek warns Rishi saying he wouldn’t let him take away Natasha.




As the matter grows severe, Rishi takes on the challenge as asks him to see him in court. He even declares at home that nothing can stop him to have his daughter.




Tanuja and Rishi will also be seen missing each other, but once the latter comes to know that she has blocked him on phone, an extremely furious Rishi would block her too.

A heart breaking moment for Tanuja.

What will happen in the climax? Who will be able have their daughter, Rishi or Tanuja?

Keep watching ‘Kasam’ to know how the story unfolds.

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