Who will be 'Dandit' for the week?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 11th, 2014 at 4:59 pm

As Ali was chosen for the reward by the captain of the house, now was the time for the second judgement which would go against one house member. Karishma was once again asked to decide on one name she thought deserved punishment from the losing team, excluding Sonali. Given a little time span to think, KT was seen racking her brains on deciding that one name! Puneet, in the living room, was seen giving tippani over Karishma as to how difficult it was for her to decide that. Punzz mentioned “Usske liye ek tarf kuaan hai dusri taraf khaai”.


Ultimately the time arrived when she had to declare one name and giving her reasons that 'Praneet' worked least amongst the rest of the members in the losing team she's choosing him for the 'Dand'. Hence, Big Boss announced that as per Praneet’s punishment by the captain, he was straight away nominated for next week’s nomination!!


Praneet was slightly taken aback, obviously! But in sometime he jokingly said “Mamba ab main bhi tumhaare saath hun,hum dono ek naav pe sawaar hain”


But don’t you think there were more reasons in KT choosing Praneet for such a dand??


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