While the others fight, Ali succeeds in his second attempt!

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This time it was just Dimpy guarding the plaques when Ali while talking to her took off another one sitting right under her nose. All this while, Gautam and KT were around the opposite team, trying their luck to flick one palque.When Gautam got to know about the same, he got upset with Dimpy thinking saying how careless she was. Dimpy got angry too, saying he had no rights to say that because the first one was stolen under his supervision too.


While all this was on, Karishma and Pritam were still fighting when Dimpy tried to butt in between, trying to defend her friend Karishma. Not only this, Dimpy passed on a comment on Sambhavna, which brought in another conflict. In fact, Dimpy was so furious over Sambhavna that she challenged her to hit her once! Both the women used inappropriate words to denote each other making the situation worse. There was a moment when the two were almost about to hit each other. 


Sambhavna and Dimpy exchanged ill gestures too trying to provoke and challenge each other. On the other hand Dimpy and Gautam continued arguing on whose fault was it for losing on the second plaque that got stolen.When Gautam said “Unse nahi lada karte jo aapke saath hote hain.” Dimpy spontaneously replied saying “Unke liye lada karte hain jo aapke saath hote hain.” 


The task had just begun and so much of drama already in the house.



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