When Monali Thakur Stood By Nikita Boro

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Nikita Boro is the youngest contestant of Rising Star India, aged 12 years. The little girl from Assam has fought really hard to reach the semi-finals of the LIVE reality show. However, a week back the other contestants from the show expressed how they felt Nikita was comparatively weaker than the others since she always chose the same genre songs, and wasn’t versatile in her singing.


One of the videos that was filmed earlier last week showed maximum contestants stating Nikita was the weakest of all, but the little one didn’t think so about herself, in fact towards the end of the video she was shown making an unflinching resolve stating ‘she isn’t weak.’




Last weekend, Rising Star had the themes – Regional/Devotional and Retro for the two episodes. Nikita stunned everyone proving herself right, by singing ‘Aika Daajiba’ for the regional and ‘Nisha’ for the retro evening.


In the Saturday episode after her performance while the experts were putting across their remaks, Monali Thakur made a strong statement in favor of Nikita. As against to what her co-contestants felt about her, she stated how every artiste has a unique style. She mentioned, one should be perfect in what one is doing even if it is a particular genre only. Versatility isn’t necessary. Monali said that every artiste should be respected for his/her caliber. Going further she stated, how Nikita is a girl who has a certain spark in her, she has a certain expression in her singing that even a fabulous singer such as Maithili Thakur misses. Monali encouraged Nikita telling how her expressions are priceless.


Monali truly believes that one shouldn’t be confined in one’s thoughts and also learn not to disrespect.


Well, Monali we totally agree to what you say. 

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