When Kirron Kher charmed us with her expressions! #IGT6

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on April 16th, 2015 at 1:41 pm

Kirron Kher has been gracing ‘India’s Got Talent’ with her presence from past 5 seasons and we just can't get enough of this charming lady! The way she reacts and expresses and encourages talent just warms our hearts. And during these 5 seasons we’ve caught some of her unique expressions that we're totally in love with. Tell us if you agree with us!

1. When Kirron turns emotional – Kirron has this pure heart of a woman that can melt in one snap. That’s how she feels when some contestant share the stories of their struggle. She connects with everyone emotionally and quite a few times has even become teary eyed watching them perform. Awww!
2. Gusse waali Kirru – Her anger also has a motherly essence to it because she especially gets upset when someone performs an act that leads to danger or self destruction.
3.The famous Pallu – All the ardent viewers of ‘India’s got talent’ must be familiar with this. When she is scared she immediately picks her pallu to hide herself! *Cute*
4. Kirron is still young at heart – Kirron is not only a marvelous judge but she is a great actor too! Catch her funny expressions while like a child she laughs over something funny. 
5.  Frankly Speaking Kirron – When it comes to giving her opinion and_or advice she doesn't hesitate and speaks her heart.

Have you noticed anything else about Kirron Kher that you're totally a fan of? Please let us know in comments below! 








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