When Gautam and Ali did some comedy during the task!!

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Ali had decided to emote Gautam in every way possible. First of all, he decided to remove the shirt to flaunt his abs like Gautam. *Lol*  But it turned even more hilarious to see how Ali first looked at Gautam and then enacted the same, to an extent wearing the mic just like Gautam! Gautam joked at him saying that he would need to work out day and night to have a great physique. It was truly funny how Ali tried tucking his tummy in. By the late evening, the duo went totally crazy. Gautam and his team hadn't even placed their right even on a single step, while on the contrary, Ali was so engrossed in the task that all he focused during the entire day was to how take the remaining three steps from Champions. The two started off with their ‘Rapping’ which had no head and tail to it; absolutely senseless but full of insane comedy!


Apart from that Pritam and Gautam also got into a debate, wherein Gautam said that being a captain it wasn’t fair for Pritam to only give orders rather him to work along with others too.Gautam also raised a point wherein he felt Pritam was giving more duties to his team, which was actually disturbing him and the team during the task.

Time was passing by and the housemates tried to wrap their brains around deciding on how to do the Badi Chori!!


The Game is getting intense albeit with a bit of comedy!


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