What's the fate of Saumya and Harman's love on Shakti?

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on December 28th, 2016 at 3:29 pm

Earlier, Preeto’s planning forced Saumya to leave the house. Saumya left a note for Harman urging him to get married to someone else but he is in love with Saumya and obviously isn’t happy to let her go. After discussing with Surbhi and Varun, he asks them to look for Saumya but least does he know that something else is brewing in his brother’s mind!




Here are some major twists in the story this week…




As Saumya is leaving the house, Varun catches up with her and keeps her in a safe yet secret place.




On the other hand, Harman and Saumya are completely unaware about Varun’s planning and keep thinking about each other.






Later, Varun blackmails Surbhi and asks her to marry him if she wants to save her sister.




Surbhi is in a fix and shares her concern with her fiancée Abhishek, who asks her to agree for this marriage.




Varun gets to know that Surbhi is playing a game with him and decides to checkmate her.




Will Varun succeed in his vicious plans? Or will Surbhi defeat him in his own game? Will Harman and Saumya meet again?

For all this and more, stay tuned to Shakti, every Mon- Fri at 8PM!

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