What's inside the 'mystery bag' that Rahul carried in the house?

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If you remember, Rahul Mahajan had entered the house with a Bag, even he didn’t know what was inside. But, last week Farah had promised that she would soon reveal the mystery behind that brief case. So, during the day as the blinders were raised, housemates found the same bag dangling in the garden and they all ran to bring it down. All this while still speculating what must be inside. But it wasn’t easy to know so soon.


Farah called them inside, and asked what they thought must be inside. Rahul said that he guessed it carried the name of the person who was getting evicted that evening. But to confuse them even more Farah diverted the topic asking the weekly result of pass and fail. This time, everyone thought that Sambhavna had passed because she took last week’s advice seriously and her behavior was very good with most of them during the week. On the other hand, majority thought that Karishma had failed during the week. So, Karishma was made to sit on the punishment chair this weekend.


Further in the day, Dimpy sang Rahul’s favorite song ‘Aa chal ke tale main leke chalun’ dedicating it to him. Second day of Farah’s class had less of interrogation and grilling.The housemates were made to play the task called ‘Yes Boss, No Boss’ wherein there were questions about the current housemates which had to replied by raising Green or Red colored placard.


I also noticed the inmates sharing about differences they had already started having with their old friends in the house.Who were those friends? Did Farah eventually say what the brief case carried?


Who said adios this weekend?


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